1st Plastic Busters MPAs Info Day in Spain

The Plastic Busters MPAs National Info Day of Spain took place within MARLICE 2019, an International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy which brought together more than 200 stakeholders from all European Regional Seas. The three-day event, held in Seville from 10 to 12 April 2019, provided a concrete opportunity for sharing marine litter best practices and exchanging information with regards to marine litter initiatives.

Plastic Busters MPAs team members present in the event featured the aims, objectives and ongoing activities of the project with special emphasis placed on the project activities in Spain. The aim of the event was to engage and interact with the marine litter community in Spain and promote synergies and enhanced impact of the project activities.

The Plastic Busters MPAs Info Day in Spain gathered 35 participants and was held in the Seville Aquarium on 11th April 2019. The event was conceived as a workshop to explain the project and their activities, engage the marine litter community within the project, promote synergies with related initiatives and showcase specific marine litter activities in the country by Spanish project partners.

ARC-SCP/RAC finalized the report on the 1st Plastic Busters MPAs info day in Spain, that you can find here in English and in Spanish

Several presentations were delivered by different member of the project team:
(you can find the presentations below in attached files) 

·         Cristina Fossi from the University of Siena in her presentation ‘The Plastic Busters MPAs in a nutshell and first outcomes’ introduced the background, the partners, the main lines of action of the different WP and the main project features including whole management cycle of marine litter, structure of the consortium, harmonized diagnosis, risk assessment, biodiversity monitoring in multiple species, step to step methodological guidelines to implement specific measures in MPAs and the transferring to the South Med coast.

·         Cristina Panti from the University of Siena in her presentation ‘Novel approach on marine litter impacts on biota through Plastic Busters MPAs’ introduced the novelty of the project in the scientific phase in relation of the selection of species as bioindicators for monitoring marine litter ingestion and impacts on Mediterranean Biodiversity, the effects of microplastic ingestion in fish and invertebrate species and the monitoring marine litter ingestion and impacts in endangered species (stranded organisms).

·         Salud Deudero from the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) introduced the work done by one of the Spanish partner of the project. Her presentation ‘Enhancing knowledge on marine litter distribution, patterns, trends and implications for biota in Mediterranean MPAs’ explained the experience of the IEO in relation with the ML, specifically on the impacts in the biota.

·         Ignasi Mateo from ARC-SCP/RAC introduced the work done by the Interreg Med Project ACT4LITTER, which provides a suitable ground for Plastic Busters MPAs. His presentation ‘Prevention of land-based marine litter affecting MPAs’ focused on concrete solutions to prevent and mitigate the impacts of marine litter.

·         Maria Francesca López, director of the National Park of Cabrera explained the situation of this MPA in relation to ML. Her presentation ‘Marine litter management: Focus on National Park of Cabrera’ detailed the rich marine ecosystem of the archipelago, its history, natural values and the waste management in the MPA and the ML impacts.


MARLICE 2019 and related project sessions had a great press coverage by important Spanish media, including:

·         La Vanguardia (national newspaper): Expertos de 30 países buscan en Sevilla soluciones a las basuras marinas

·         El Pais (national newspaper): Más sensibilización contra la gran plaga de plásticos en los mares

· Canal Sur (regional public TV): https://www.facebook.com/basurasmarinas/videos/379618375977231/