Board the 1st sampling campaign in the Pelagos Sanctuary!

The Plastic Busters MPAs team is ready to take you on a journey to the Pelagos Sanctuary for the most comprehensive monitoring and sampling activities ever realized in this Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI).

Follow the team at sea for 40 days and find out more about their activities through their travel journal.


Plastic Busters MPAs has elaborated a harmonized approach for monitoring marine litter in Mediterranean pelagic and coastal MPAs towards assessing the impact on biodiversity including endangered species. 

The harmonized methodologies for marine litter monitoring will be now tested in selected sites, starting with the Pelagos Sanctuary, and the results will feed into a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the impacts of marine litter on biodiversity and endangered species in Med MPAs. 

The 40 day-field activities will focus on: 

·         Monitoring floating microlitter

·         Monitoring floating macrolitter

·         Monitoring the presence of biota

·         Sampling endangered species (cetaceans)

·         Sampling commercial species (fishes and invertebrates) 

·         Validation of marine litter transport and accumulation models  

The field activities will be carried out in June, July and September by the University of Siena (UNISI) in close collaboration with ISPRA, IFREMER, OEC, LaMMA and CIMA.

Follow the sampling activities here.