Sampling & monitoring activities in the new MPA of Milazzo

The Plastic Busters MPAs sampling and monitoring activities symbolically kicked-off in the newly established MPA of Capo Milazzo in the beginning of May 2019.

The Plastic Busters MPAs experts in collaboration with experts from the MEDSEALITTER project carried out floating macro-litter (items >2.5 cm) surveys from the medium-scale research vessels Astrea and Lighea.

Monitoring of microplastics on the sea surface was also conducted using a manta trawl. The retrieved samples revealed a high density of plastic particles (micro- and meso-) and a high occurrence of the jellyfish Velella velella.

Throughout the duration of the floating litter surveys, the researchers continuously monitored biota (sea turtles, seabirds, cetaceans, etc.) in order to assess the presence of marine species in areas of marine litter accumulation.



 Photos: Cristina Panti, UNISI et Cristina Fossi, UNISI