Spotlight in Corsica: back to the images and videos of team at work on the Island of Lavezzi

“The know-how transferring activities of Plastic Busters MPAs provided a great opportunity to bring together active agents from several protected areas of Corsica. The overall experience was very enriching for all, the trainees and the Plastic Busters MPAs team of experts from OEC, UNISI and IFREMER”.

It is with these words that Sebastien Leccia, responsible for the management of small islands at the Office de l’Environnement de la Corse (OEC), recalled on the activities organized in June by the University of Siena (UNISI), OEC and IFREMER in the Riserva Naturale di i Bucchi di Bunifaziu MPA (Corsica). 

“It was so enjoyable for me; being at sea together with highly esteemed colleagues, exchanging our views on how to tackle marine plastic pollution, introducing them to our territory and making this territory an outdoor laboratory for experimentation. Preserving our biodiversity from the harmful effects of plastic pollution is a priority for the OEC and we are delighted that we can count on the support of our partners in this fight against a common challenge of the Mediterranean basin. We’ll never, never give up!”

The aim of theknow-how transferring activities was to build the capacities of the managers (of the Marine Nature Park of Agriate and Cap Corse, on how to monitor the amounts, types, sources and effects of marine litter in a harmonized way towards defining a targeted marine litter mitigation strategy.

Short videos (in English and French), with a brief recap of the activities done during each day, were posted in our social media at the end of each day.

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