What we do

Plastic Busters MPAs focuses on the problem of marine litter in coastal and pelagic Mediterranean MPAs and aims to consolidate knowledge, methods and tools towards achieving good environmental status in the Mediterranean.

The Plastic Busters MPAs main lines of action focus on:

  • Defining and testing harmonized methodologies for marine litter monitoring: Plastic Busters MPAs will elaborate a harmonized approach for monitoring macro- and micro-litter in Mediterranean pelagic and coastal MPAs based on recent scientific and policy advances made in the field.
  • Assessing marine litter impacts on biota dwelling in MPAs: The harmonized methodologies for marine litter monitoring will be tested in selected sites and the results will feed into a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the impacts of marine litter on biodiversity and endangered species in Med MPAs.
  • Identifying marine litter hotspots in MPAs: Plastic Busters MPAs will develop a forecasting model to identify marine litter hotspots in Mediterranean MPAs. The model will provide valuable information to support targeted marine litter prevention and mitigation actions in the most affected Mediterranean MPAs.
  • Showcasing marine litter prevention and mitigation measures: Plastic Busters MPAs will set up and implement 10 marine litter demonstration projects in pilot MPAs. The demos will showcase MPA-relevant marine litter measures and the lessons learned will be captured in a set of guidelines to support replication actions.
  • Building capacities and transferring knowledge on marine litter issues: Plastic Busters MPAs will implement fit-for-purpose knowledge transfer, capitalization and replication mechanisms in order to create a truly enabling environment for concrete, effective and continuous actions against marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs.
  • Setting up a joint governance plan for managing marine litter in pelagic and coastal MPAs: The project will mainstream its results and ensure their uptake via a joint governance plan for managing marine litter in pelagic and coastal MPAs. The plan will consolidate all knowledge gained throughout the life-cycle of the project and will empower MPA managers, decision makers and other stakeholders to undertake coordinated and targeted action against marine litter. Policy and decision makers are involved throughout all phases of the project in order to ensure a concrete link of the project activities with the policy needs at various stages of the policy cycle; thus strengthening substantially the science-policy-practice interface.